2023 Conference

2023 Utah Name Conference

February 25, 2023
At Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah



Connections, Celebrations, and Community: Empowering Utah Teachers through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging


Multicultural Education scholars and practitioners have made great progress in helping educators and students become aware of, understand the importance of, and develop the skills related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for historically marginalized populations (e.g., people of color, LGBTQ people, etc.). We multicultural educators in Utah are aware of the importance of getting connected with communities and families and celebrating diverse cultural identities in the ecology of student learning and empowerment. 

The theme for the 2023 Utah NAME conference focuses on connections, celebrations, and community.  As human beings we are each a matrix of diverse identities that combine to make us who we are. Aspects of our identities include: race, culture, gender, ability, religion, class, language, sexual orientation, etc. The conference planning committee would like to invite any presenters that will bring ideas, thoughts, and insights with respect to the conference theme, format, and audience. 


2023 Conference Program


Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2023 11:59 p.m. MST (Sunday)

Proposal Structure: Submit a 400-600 word summary that includes: 1) How the presentation addresses the conference theme. 2) A description of the format (either panel, independent presentation, workshop, or round table), 3) the content of your presentation, 4) why is it significant, 5) how you plan to engage your target audiences, 6) how will the presentation be of use to conference participants?, and 7) What should participants learn during the session?

Presentation Format: Presenters will decide which format they would like to choose for a 50 minutes presentation: 

  1. Panel: A group of 3-4 panelists with a discussant 
  2. Workshop: Stand-alone presenter(s) providing practical tips and ideas 
  3. Independent presentation: Stand-alone presenter(s) presenting research or teaching experiences
  4. Round-table: A district diversity leader and/or an in-service teacher with preservice teachers sitting in a round-table. 

Note: We expect a lot of preservice teachers coming to learn how to better support their future students from diverse backgrounds and with specific learning needs. Utah NAME would like to invite eight (8) district leaders and in-service teachers that will lead an interactive round-table discussion with preservice teachers: each presenter will lead discussions on (1) race & ethnic diversity, (2) SES & poverty, (3) education for linguistic minorities (e.g., ELL), (4) refugees education, (5) LGBTQI+, (6) ethnic studies, (7) gender politics, and (8) special education. We expect a short presentation followed by Q&As. Feel free to contact Dr. Mia Kang at mia.kang@uvu.edu regarding this new format.  

Evaluation of Proposals: The Proposal Review Committee is charged with selecting a balance of proposals with respect to topics, formats, and audiences. At least three readers will use the criteria to review proposals:


  • Conference Theme 
  • Significance of Content
  • Audience Interaction & Process of Presentation
  • Organizing Level, Audience & Participant Outcomes 

Proposal Evaluation Rubric: 

The possible range for individual criteria score is 1-5 with 5 being the highest. The highest possible total combined score for a proposal is 20.

Submission: Use this link for a 400-600 words proposal by Sunday, January 15th, 2023. Questions can be directed to Dr. Mia Kang at mia.kang@uvu.edu

We look forward to receiving your proposals! 


2023 Utah NAME Proposal Review Committee