2023 Conference

Exemplary Educator for Diversity Award



The Exemplary Educator for Diversity Award honors one educator each year at the Annual Educators for Diversity Conference. The award is given to Utah educators who actively and thoughtfully exemplify the mission of Utah NAME. The award is given not only to honor the educator but to support her/him through acknowledgment of the challenging and rewarding collaborative work of providing equitable educational opportunities for all learners.


2023 Exemplary Educator for Diversity: Dr. Harold Foster

Dr. Foster has been a champion of education for Native American Children across the state and on the Navajo Nation. He has been a teacher, administrator and the current Director of the State Title VI program. His advocacy work has been outstanding as Utah is one of the best states with graduation rates among Native American students in the country.

Past Recipients of the Exemplary Educator for Diversity Award:

2023 - Harold Foster
2021 - Cara Cerise
2016 – Taran Chun
2015 – Daniel Bergman
2014 – Emmie Staker
2013 – Kyle Reyes
2012 – Rebecca Richardson
2011 – Fidel Montero
2010 – Kenneth Hopkins
2009 – Sarah Roberts
2008 – Grace Huerta
2007 – Jose Enriquez
2006 – Richard Gomez
2005 – Martha Whitaker & Charlene Lui
2004 – Ronda Kingsford & Katie Jensen